Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Move

We are moving our offices from the first to the second floor in our building, which means we are going to the top floor.

I look around my office and think of all of the stuff I can get rid of, then I wonder why, if it's so darned undesirable, I didn't get rid of it sooner.

Inertia, I suppose.

After approaching the Crowded Look, I think I'll try the Sparse Look. The trick will be to see if it's still sparse in six months.

Moving is like a medical procedure. I want it done quickly, painlessly, and in my absence.


Eclecticity said...

"I just adore a penthouse view." Eva Gabor, Green Acres Sitcom. E.

Michael Wade said...


I suggested the penthouse name for the office but people thought I was talking about a magazine.