Monday, January 24, 2011

Categorizing Worries

Little or nothing can be done about some worries. They will exist if we permit them to do so and the best we can do is to place them in our zone of indifference.

Worries that are transformed into threats quickly seize us by the throat and demand a response.

The most interesting worries, however, are those that we know how to remove and yet we permit them to linger and ruin our days. They lounge in the back of our mind. We know they should be resolved and yet we tinker with other things, hoping that when we turn around, they will be gone.

Perhaps our imagination and knowledge foil us and we are better served by the simplest approach. One person shivers in bed, watches the clock, and brilliantly calculates how long before the morning sun removes the chill. The other person jumps up, turns up the heat, and then goes back to sleep.

How many of your worries should be on the Can - and Will - Be Resolved Today list?

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