Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scrub. Sweep. Polish.

Cultural Offering on the appeal of maintenance.


Rob said...

Often people come unstuck.....it's not if you can afford to buy it, its whether you'll feel like spending the money or time to maintaining it.....Just like relationships :)

DarkoV said...

....which dovetails into a pet peeve of mine.
The misuse of the word "friend" on Facebook.
How can any conscious and considerate being maintain and nurture any more than 10-15 true friends at any one point?
When I go to a Facebook place and see 800, 1,000, +, + friends, I shake and shiver...
...and I am ashamed and embarassed if I'm one of the multitudes in that number.
That's a fine word. What's wrong with correctly using that word instead?