Thursday, January 20, 2011

Civilized Messy

My home office needs civilization.

Not organization - although a little more would help - but civilization.

Right now, it resembles a cross between a war room and a loft shared by twelve members of a cult. Maps and notes are taped on the walls. Books and project boxes are scattered everywhere. A variety of briefcases divide some of the territory. This project is on this wall. That project is on another.

In short, it is functional, but not civilized.

By the time I'm done, there will be:
  • New paint on the walls;

  • Possibly some new carpeting;

  • A noir Paris telephone;

  • Appropriate artwork and photos;

  • Maps that are framed;

  • More project boxes;

  • Shutters instead of curtains; and

  • A comfortable chair that will be a sanctuary unto itself.

It will still be messy, but it will be "civilized messy."

1 comment:

DarkoV said...

If you'er a brave (or is that foolhardy) soul, your readers (well, most certainly I) would appreciate a Before and an After picture.
Because there are quite a few of us (o.k., I'll simply speak for my own ManCave self here) who are in a similar situation AND who don't believe it's possible to do something constructive about it. I've seen office makeovers in magazines but I always think that it's easy to clean up a mess with the magic of a Macbook Pro and some image softrware.