Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stalemates and Solutions

I've written before about solutions that are disguised as stalemates.

There are times when a matter has been pushed to a point which, although unsatisfactory to all parties, is as good as it will ever get. Moving beyond that point will create an even worse situation. Neither side deserves an outright victory and each may eventually suffer if their wishes were granted.

This is frustrating to those who like to see a nice, clean, solution wrapped up in a white box with a red bow. It is challenging even to those who accept the concept, but wonder when the magical point has been reached. The key question in determining the point is: If either side wins more, will it make matters worse?

If the answer is yes, you have probably arrived at the point.


Eclecticity said...

Completely off topic. KH said that one of your books was recommended by Dr. Helen.

That's one heartbeat from the man himself, Glenn Reynolds. He inspired me to begin blogging for fun.

Remember the little people as you are getting up there Michael.

Sincere Congratulations! E.

Michael Wade said...


You're funny. In addition to Helen Smith's review and another recommendation from Cultural Offering, Glenn Reynolds posted a reference to the book and there was a huge jump in purchases.

It was very nice to see.



Eclecticity said...

Great! The man himself. Zoowie. E.