Monday, January 31, 2011

The Office versus the Hideaway

At Anderson Layman's Blog, some very interesting thoughts on when it is wise not to go to the office.

I have a "real" office and a home office and shift between the two depending upon the project and mood. There are times when I need an escape from one or from both. [With regard to the latter, many a Starbucks has become a branch office.]

Obviously, there are jobs that require "being there" and for those, not being at the office would be the equivalent of a plumber who doesn't make house calls. For many others, however, being at the office is an option and mere presence should not be the main requirement. Being effective is.

This practice coincides with jobs that can be handled in bursts and need not be done in a flow. You catch the right moment for accomplishment. It makes sense to put yourself in the right place for that moment to arrive.

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