Friday, February 04, 2011

The Club

I once heard of a corporation that had a sound-proof stress reduction area where employees could go to yell, punch bags, and meditate. Outside, there were jogging trails.

I propose an alternative: The Club.

The Club will be designed as a library with comfortable chairs, plenty of books, magazines, and newspapers. Coffee and tea will be available. The entire atmosphere will be soothing.

And there will be a strict rule of silence. No talking. No telephones.

Just a place for escape and contemplation.


Dan Richwine said...

I propose a place where associates can take naps. Not long ones, just enough to recharge after lunch. I'm not entirely unserious with this idea...

Michael Wade said...


That makes sense. Far better to take a nap than to stare mindlessly at a desk or a computer screen.