Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Thoughts from Big Spaceship

There are a couple of great rules in this post by Miki Saxon.

Read them. Remember them. Live them.


Dan said...

These are great reminders for hiring, Michael. My organization is often hell-bent on hiring the most qualified or the one who gets up to speed the fastest...regardless if they are unable to fashion a coherent sentence or simply make eye contact during the interview. Red flags in abundance there!!! Why does the culture persist that productivity is the utmost -- especially when it makes you the supervisor look great -- but induces pure misery among that persons co-workers/team to the point where morale goes belly-up and overall productivity decreases. I'm being overly simplistic, yes, but shouldn't we as supervisors have seen this coming?

Miki SAxon said...

Hi Michael, thanks for sharing my post with your readers.

In response to Dan I don't think it's the cult of productivity that's to blame; as he points out stars often lower it.

What he can thank are the many (so-called) brilliant leaders who sing the siren song of hiring and retaining stars as opposed to those who swear by culture and teams.

However, culture is gaining traction with many more champions than it had in the past.