Monday, May 16, 2011

Bring Back the El Camino?

Will General Motors bring back the El Camino if 100,000 people comment on this Jalopnik post?


Bob said...

More than likely you can get one of these, although they were thinking of introducing it to the US in 2008, but didn't think they'd get enough sales.

Michael Wade said...


Perhaps that's up their sleeve.



bob said...

Since you are interested in car stuff....

Holden's Australian-made Chevrolet Caprice police car has scored a string of perfect 10s in an independent assessment of patrol cars by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

This just appeared in the paper here, these come off the same production line as the "utes"

Michael Wade said...


Thanks! I'll check that out.

I'm still grieving over the passing of the Mercury Grand Marquis. For all of the joking about it being an old person's car, it is a very good car.