Thursday, May 05, 2011

Knowing Your Work Style

If you have difficulty getting things done, it may be because you are using a work style that doesn't fit. For example, where would you fall with these choices when it comes to being effective?
  • Long Stretches of Work or Short Bursts?

  • Background Music or Complete Silence?

  • Seated or Standing?

  • Written Analysis or Oral Reports?

  • One Item Only or Switching Between Two or More?

  • No Checking of Email or Frequent Checking?

  • Take No Calls or Accept Calls?

  • Team Member or Alone?

  • Lunch with Others or Alone?

  • Review Drafts on Computer or Review Drafts on Paper?

  • Working in a Linear Manner or Jumping Forward and Backward Between Topics?

  • Early Coordination or Late Coordination?

  • Interim Deadlines or Only One Deadline?

  • Early Morning, Mid-Day or Late Evening?

  • Reflection While Working or Separate From Working?

  • Frequent Revisions or Few Revisions?

  • Slow Decisions or Fast Decisions?

  • Rigid Structure or Little Structure?

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