Monday, May 09, 2011

The Procrastinator's Block

I've written earlier about the importance of having a Zone of Indifference. Another area to recognize is The Procrastinator's Block. That barrier, which is often caused by an undue emphasis on timing, perfection, preparation or analysis, is used by every procrastinator in the world.

Some examples:

"Should I go to the gym now?"

"No, it will be too crowded."

[Result: You don't go at all.]

"Should I submit the project?"

"No, make one more review of the research to see if there is anything new."

[Result: You can keep making reviews without end because there is always something new.]

"Should I start this task now even though I don't feel like it?"
"No, wait until you are in the right mood."
[Result: The right mood is not likely to strike until three days before the project is due.]

These are common culprits, but at least they are conscious decisions. Here are other barriers that may be more subtle:
  • Entertainment. [Kill your television.]
  • Worries about matters beyond your control. [Create a Zone of Indifference.]
  • Undue caring. [Taking time for everyone but yourself.]

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