Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am immersed in a business subject right now. First this source and that and then another and another and back and forth until the boundaries begin to emerge and an order is formed. There may be an easier way but this is mine.

My wife looked at my home office, shook her head, and wandered out. Books and papers scattered about and yet with a reason for each spot if only for them to be near when I need them.

The beautiful moment is when the process begins to make sense.


Jacob Weinfeld said...

Its amazing to me how when immersing yourself to all the information about a particular idea, business, or field a flash of insight can come and the dots begin to connect within an instant.

Michael Wade said...


When that happens, you are truly in the zone.


Bob said...

The impossible is to do that with 100 phone calls a day....