Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shrine to Colonel Sanders

Today, though, the Colonel's sainthood seems more official than ever. KFC is proud to present ColonelSanders.com, a website that canonizes the Colonel by collecting his stories, his life, and his deeds and organizing them in a sprawling multimedia extravaganza. The voiceover on the introductory video—fawning, stilted, and armed to the teeth with clich├ęs—almost feels like it's making fun of itself. Only it's not. "A man. A man from a small town. A man who failed. A man who was no longer young. A man who wasn't ready to give up." A man, you say? Not a woman, but a man? Not a dog, nor a rooster, but a man? "This man is Harland Sanders . . . He had a passion. A dream. A recipe for fried chicken."

Read the rest at
Adfreak. [The story is fine but the site is NSFW.]

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