Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thinking Big?

In many organizations, more attention is devoted to picking up the small particles of grain that have blown onto the barn floor than to harvesting the entire field.

The small particles are studied, new brooms purchased, and sweeping techniques perfected. All this will be done while the field outside remains unharvested.

Where is your attention?


Bob said...

But there is a balance, those that never sweep end up with a huge mess, then they start walking around the piles of mess, ignoring their existence.

Do some people struggle with global thinking? Though excel at bounded thought? I think there are few people who can see the big picture, if you see the would with a wide angle lenses it takes years to understand that most people don't.

Michael Wade said...


It's like the old joke about the consultant who knew where to hit the machine in order to get it running. Experience teaches the subtle rules.