Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Evolution of Team Meetings

First Team Meeting
Attitude: "This is an exciting project and I'm glad to be here."
Diplomacy: "Thanks, Ed. That's the sort of thinking we need here."
Open-mindedness: "Did Carol get a chance to talk?"
Unspoken: "I don't know this subject very well but I can learn a great deal from the others."

Fourth Team Meeting
Attitude: "I'm beginning to wonder if we all have the same goal."
Diplomacy: "If you tell that groupthink joke again, Ed, I'm going to scream."
Open-mindedness: "We already considered that option, Carol."
Unspoken: "I'm doing all of the work!"

Seventh Team Meeting
Attitude: "Listen up people! We've got 24 hours to turn in a report and you're arguing about donuts."
Diplomacy: "With all due respect, Ed, that's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard."
Open-mindedness: "If we can put duct-tape over Carol's mouth for five minutes, we might get something done."
Unspoken: "How did I get roped into this project?"

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