Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The People of No Action

 The People of No Action have a "We can't do that" default mode. They are highly adverse to risks that accompany action while blind to those linked to inaction. They overestimate the cost of daring and underestimate the cost of playing it safe. "Better safe than sorry" could be their motto and yet they attract and feed disasters with their fear and timidity.

They cloak their habitual lack of progress with the camouflage of analysis which, in their hands, is a benefit that quickly becomes a vice. Work resembles a long and unfinished doctoral thesis where there is always one more reference to tie down or footnote to add. If you have never encountered members of their tribe - and I assure you they are numerous - you will be stunned when you do. You'll leave meetings with them and shake your head at what just took place. Did they really say that it will require six months to do something that could be easily wrapped up in less than a week? Do they believe that the increasingly competitive world will pass them by and permit them to stay in their cozy cocoon?

They are not in search of excellence. Their Holy Grail is comfort. The sooner that is understood, the better they'll be understood. 

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