Monday, January 21, 2013

The Photographer's Eye

Tanmay Vora has written 12 lessons on life and leadership from photography. An excerpt:

Someone said, “To photograph a bird, you need to be a part of the silence.” Photography teaches me to remain silent and immerse myself in the current moment. Only then, the magnificent reveals itself.


Jeff said...

When I was in my first years of recovery from cancer treatment, I had bought a digital SLR and started taking photographs. I began with simple roadside flowers, still lifes, small objects that we might take for granted.

I began to develop a greater sense of detail - noticing shapes, color, shadows, symmetry with surroundings. Even after I put the camera down, I found myself more aware of what I was looking at, framing it, detailing it.

The camera was definitely part of my recovery, part of the process of reintegrating myself with my surroundings.

It's a very powerful tool - I recommend it to many of the cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers I come across. It has an incredibly calming effect especially when you're in such a vulnerable time.

Life is in the details - the photograph puts it in focus...

- J.

Michael Wade said...


That is a great observation.

You have just nudged me into taking up photography.