Friday, March 29, 2013

Road Stories

Have you ever . . .:

  • Checked into a hotel that was so spooky that you piled furniture and luggage against the door before going to bed?
  • Boarded a standard-sized passenger plane and then discovered that you were the only passenger?
  • Used a hotel conference room where part of the wall had collapsed?
  • Had a long bus ride seated next to a man who had a talking dog act?
  • Watched as a shuttle bus driver prevented a fist fight between some passengers by singing "Happy Birthday?"
  • Opened your luggage and found someone else's address book inside?
I have. What are your road stories?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Michael. One I took a plane from Porto Alegre to São Paulo (both cities in Brazil), and it were in a December 24th at 6:00PM O'clock and I were the only passenger on board.

Michael Wade said...


Who says we don't have private planes?


Unknown said...

Yes, Michael, we are the ultimate VIP passengers! LOL!