Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Wasp Bush

Part of this morning will be devoted to trimming The Wasp Bush in my back yard. The last time I attempted to do so was many months ago, before it was given that name. Some evil wasps, no doubt amused, quickly and painfully convinced me to abandon the project.

I learned a lesson that day: Bees buzz and wasps lurk. There was no indication that a wasp nest was in that bush. It is usually easy to spot where the bees congregate since they are a raucous bunch, much given to announcing how hard they work. I suspect they have water coolers.

The wasps are more like a street gang, being generally good for nothing. We are hoping that a few hard winter days froze the little suckers. My wife has vowed that she has scouted the area and no wasps emerged but that evidence is not conclusive.

Because when it comes to wasps, when they're not there, they're there.

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