Monday, April 22, 2013

Bate on Customers

I read Nicholas Bate's blog every morning and often find myself going back to a point to ponder it some more. For example, when I read this brief post about dealing with customers, my initial thought was "Of course, you should do that."

My second thought was, "Why aren't I always doing that?"

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Dan in Philly said...

To show how universal such advice is, substitute the words "managers,"
"supervisors," "CEO," or "partners" and you have good advice for corporate wage workers as well as independent contractors/consultants.

I'm an accountant, and I have some experience in a small independent office rather than the big firm. One of the advantages this gives me is the partners in my firm heavily relied upon me to interact direcly with the customers and I picked up on the idea of putting myself in the minds of the customers to see how I can best serve their needs, frequently in ways they themselves were not aware of (they not being accountants).

When I left public for the corporate world I kept the mentality that all those I interact with are clients, rather than managers, co-workers, etc. That's why I find so much useful advice haunting the blogs written for top managers and professionals - the better I learn what they need the better an employee I can become.