Monday, April 22, 2013

The Stuff Abides

It rarely arrives in great bunches, but slips in the door, one quiet delivery at a time. The decision as to whether you want or need it for any period longer than a day is never forced. Once the stuff arrives, your attention is soon turned elsewhere and you move on, not realizing that the stuff hasn't.

And so it grows. A stack here, a knickknack there, a souvenir from a conference you've already forgotten, and articles you've been meaning to read. The stuff is not on your shoulders but it may as well be for its presence weighs you down. You look for things you need and instead find stuff . . . and groan. The common message of the diverse piles is that you have failed to complete at least one project: the project of cleaning out the stuff.

All of the stuff becomes a silent reproach and you know it will not be handled until you block out time for that task only. When it comes to stuff, there is no gray area. It is either gone or it's here. 

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