Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pearl Harbor Mentality

Oh, come on. Probably won't happen. Might not happen. Hasn't happened in years. There are people who look out for that. They'd never let it happen. We've got other things to do. Don't be alarmist. You're scaring people. If it happens, it won't be that bad. We've gone through things like this before. You're just a pessimist. The glass is half-full. Let's go to the game. What's on TV?  What? That's terrible! Who could have imagined? How could that have happened? We'd better do something about it. [Repeat]


CincyCat said...

Reminds me of Korematsu vs. United States. People don't want to think something like this could happen again, but they probably have no idea that Korematsu vs. United States has never officially been overturned (even thought the government basically admitted 40 years later that they lied to make their case).

Michael Wade said...


Thank God the government doesn't lie to us anymore.