Thursday, July 11, 2013

Drama at the Gas Pump

It appears that the SmartWatch needs another feature: A buzzer that goes off when your car is low on gas.

From the wilds of Florida: An attorney tells a story of loss and redemption.


Richard (Rick) Georges said...

Go ahead. Poke fun. Like Execupundit never ran out of gas. :-)

Michael Wade said...

I've coasted in on fumes a few times but can't recall running out of gas.

On the other hand, I get nervous if there's less than half a tank so perhaps your approach produces less stress.


CincyCat said...

LOL! This fondly reminds me of many a road-trip growing up. My dad prided himself on exactly how far he could push an "E" gas gauge before actually stopping to get gas. We never ran out of gas (officially), but the closest I remember was literally coasting into an exit-ramp gas station on sputters. *Yay, Dad!*

Michael Wade said...


I recall a story about a man who, whenever he got a new car, would fill the tank and then drive until the car ran out of gas. He wanted to know exactly how many miles he could go before the car would stop running. He carried a gas container so he wouldn't be stranded.

I've never been that curious.