Friday, July 12, 2013

Happiness at Work: The Interview Questions

Employment attorney Michael P. Maslanka passes along two questions for job interviewers.

If you could ask only two questions of a job applicant, what would they be?


Crusty Old HR Manager said...

Too many employers think that the employment relationship is a one-way street. I disagree with that notion. Employment is a two-way street, an agreement between two willing parties: one who has the job to offer and one who has the opportunity to accept the job.

So then my two questions would be:
1. What can you do to help us (the employer)?
2. What can we do to help you (the employee)?
These questions help me (the employer) to determine if our (employer and employee) values, vision, goals, needs, and desires align.

Michael Wade said...

I could not agree more.

Your questions are excellent.