Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Snap, Snap: Are Your Family Photographs Safe?

Today, I heard some archivists state that photographs that are stored on disk are fragile and that a sizable number of them will be lost to deterioration. They predicted that many digitized photographs that people are taking today and which would be of historical value in the future will be lost.

They also noted that oral history interviews that are saved solely to disk stand a good chance of being lost or of having portions become unintelligible.

I'll be doing some more research on this and will report back. 


Bob said...

Save it on the cloud, two different clouds are better, and on CD/DVD, not all CD DVD's are the same, and on a couple of hard drives, preferable multiple hard drives, store stuff away from your home. Data storage is relatively cheap and you can never have enough backups. Backups are like insurance, you don't need to worry about them until you need them.

You might appreciate this link



Michael Wade said...


Thanks. I'll check it out.

The archivists said that saving them on hard drives was best and also advocated saving in multiple places.