Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Little Things

Focus on the mountain and you'll trip over a stone. 

The little things can inspire and frustrate. I spent several minutes yesterday watching some finches searching for food and it was time well spent. 

We like to rail against micro-management but despite notable sins it also has virtues. Someone has to check to see if a project has the right tone or placement and if paragraph twelve agrees with paragraph thirty. There are so many subtleties that can be missed in communication how can we assume we were clear? 

That, of course, is when a little thing can have power all by its lonesome. Their usual power is when they add up and cause havoc with your personal or professional life, leaving you slack-jawed and wondering how a snow drift turned into a glacier.

This takes us back to one of the great forces in the universe. I've written before - and will again - about the power of inertia. The little things, for good or ill, can be found in another force: the incremental.

May The Incremental Be With You.

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