Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For The Good Life: A Valuable Collection of "Don'ts"

  1. Don't stop learning.
  2. Don't drink heavily.
  3. Don't cheat on your spouse.
  4. Don't use drugs.
  5. Don't "let yourself go."
  6. Don't think you can talk your way out of things.
  7. Don't underestimate people.
  8. Don't rely on on gossip.
  9. Don't ignore your intuition.
  10. Don't mistake activity with action.
  11. Don't over-promise.
  12. Don't ignore problems.
  13. Don't rely on magical thinking.
  14. Don't expect fairness.
  15. Don't plan on an easy road.
  16. Don't depend on the government.
  17. Don't steal the time of others.
  18. Don't think you're infallible.
  19. Don't be mean.
  20. Don't get lazy.
  21. Don't overload yourself.
  22. Don't forget to plan.
  23. Don't drift.
  24. Don't let the bastards get you down.
  25. Don't forget to thank people.
  26. Don't ignore the basics.
  27. Don't succumb to envy.
  28. Don't put people down.
  29. Don't neglect your family.
  30. Don't forget to laugh.
  31. Don't whine.
  32. Don't lose your perspective.
  33. Don't become coarse.
  34. Don't isolate yourself.
  35. Don't overlook small pleasures.
  36. Don't rush to blame.
  37. Don't fail to pull your load.
  38. Don't neglect the needy.
  39. Don't become smug.
  40. Don't love your mirror.
  41. Don't betray confidences.
  42. Don't fail to observe.
  43. Don't brag.
  44. Don't spend too much.
  45. Don't abuse nature.
  46. Don't make excuses.
  47. Don't overlook beauty.
  48. Don't fret.
  49. Don't get too complicated.
  50. Don't be late.
  51. Don't fail to serve others.


Bill Holmes said...

And don't make overly long lists.

Michael Wade said...


Absolutely correct!