Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Detached Thinking

Medium to large projects can immerse us in details. We talk with people and receive a mountain of documents and, of course, the stories don't always jibe because even honest people can have different perspectives. We are listening, reading, and analyzing with a bunch of administrative tasks tossed in and throughout it all we are thinking.

But that isn't detached thinking.

We need to find time to soak in all of the information and then step back so we can spot the bits that matter. It is not unusual to be on a project about A where everyone discusses A, there is great concern about what to do about A, and yet, yet, yet, the important item is B. A has some importance but it is a distraction. B is only mentioned in passing but it is an ocean liner and A is a speedboat.

Sufficient rest is needed. Fatigue causes us to overlook things. We need to be rested when we look for our glance must be both close and far.

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