Monday, January 27, 2014

Random Thoughts

In many cases, we should not worry so much about what to do beyond our current efforts; rather we should consider what to stop doing. In a similar vein, searching for new facts can be less productive than reviewing our current knowledge and learning what doesn't withstand scrutiny. Smugness is a ravenous beast that must be kept out of our camp. The gaps between established truths are where a lot of the action is. Watch out for whenever the eloquent become vague. Seek distance from coercive people, especially those who long to command you for your own good. Frequently tally up your assumptions. Don't look for magic bullets. The difficult path may be the fastest. If you could travel to the next decade, which of our present practices would cause you to wonder, "How could they have ever thought that would work?" If you were a stock, would you be a Buy, Hold or Sell? An easy self-development plan: Read the biography of an extraordinary person every month. The most important news is rarely on the front page. Whenever you are invited to a meeting, consider whether it is an opportunity or a trap. Many an enterprise wastes money on frills which would be better spent on education. An executive's passion for inaction can be as revealing as an x-ray. No one boasts of hard work more than a non-producer. Beethoven, Shakespeare, Bach, Mozart, and Dickens are even better than their reputations.

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Dan in Philly said...

"No one boasts of hard work more than a non-producer."
My favorite.