Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Active Fairness

Employees rightfully expect that management will actively seek to be fair and won't wait until a complaint or grievance to set matters right. Unfortunately, far too many executives, managers, and supervisors choose to be fair only when the question is pressed and seem content to allow unfairness in the neighborhood so long as it does not come a-knocking.

As a result, the complainers may be rewarded while those who are reluctant to complain - and more trusting that management on its own will take corrective action - are not. Problems linger and fester and the signal is sent: They don't care. Worse still is when the signal is: They approve of the unfairness.

The Golden Rule is an appropriate guide [Do unto others as you would have them do unto you] and yet it should also be supercharged with another rule: Act to identify and eliminate unfairness whenever it is possible to do so. 

Yes, life is unfair but we need not be accomplices.

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