Saturday, August 08, 2015

Questions from Supervisors

Here are some of the pressing questions I've heard from supervisors. Please add to the list.

  1. How do I get things done when my day is filled with interruptions?
  2. How do I motivate my employees?
  3. How do I convey a sense of urgency to my employees?
  4. How can I discipline people without violating the law?
  5. What if my predecessor gave inflated performance evaluations?
  6. How do I supervise teams that are in distant locations?
  7. What should I consider when delegating assignments?
  8. Do zero tolerance policies make sense?
  9. How can we manage diversity without violating EEO laws?
  10. How should I document performance problems?
  11. How much should I socialize with my employees?
  12. How should I handle the person who is technically proficient but who lacks people skills?
  13. How long should poor performance be tolerated?
  14. What should I do if I catch an employee in a lie?
  15. When should I go beyond a verbal reprimand?
  16. How often should we have staff meetings?
  17. What are the key elements in a hiring decision?
  18. How can I keep my boss from micromanaging?
  19. What should I do when one employee is pulling down the team?
  20. How much do I tell my employees about what's going on upstairs?
  21. Others?


Crusty Old HR Manager said...

How do I set goals for my team when my leader can't seem to set them for me?
How do I convince my team to be positive and engaged when the agency leadership is clearly not positive and engaged?
How do I get my team past the "Don't do as I do, do as I say" mentality of the leadership?
How in the world do I discipline my employees for their actions when they look down the hall and see the same behavior from agency leaders?

Vince Dunn said...

How do I appropriately reward staff is the face of shrinking budgets and increased competition for talent?