Monday, August 10, 2015

Random Thoughts

Do not feel compelled to finish a mistake merely because you have started it. ~ More people are done in by their whims than by their calculations. ~ Do not make small decisions quickly if their impact will be daily and difficult to reverse. ~ When people study wars they are studying error. ~ Over 80 percent of the paperwork in your office could be lost and it would be barely noticed, if noticed at all. ~ A car, a full tank of gas, and an open highway will do wonders for your mood. ~ A bureaucracy is one of the most underestimated sources of power in the world. ~ Jobs are difficult to keep if a person lacks values and a work ethic. ~ The fact that two people may hold different "truths" does not mean that truth does not exist. ~ Executive offices are candor-free zones. ~ Thwart someone's attempt to harm you and you may have made an enemy for life. ~ The mental benchmark of what an item should cost can linger long after it has become obsolete. ~ An advocate who uses "straw man" arguments exhibits contempt for the intelligence of the audience. ~ After we have read a book we often wonder what we got out of the book and overlook what we got out of reading. ~ It helps to seize the day but it is also wise to savor the day. ~ A hiring decision should never be made solely on the basis of intuition but it can be the height of foolishness to ignore intuition if it is sending a danger signal. ~ Accuracy is often absent from annual reports and obituaries.

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