Saturday, April 02, 2016

Ethical Decision Making: Class Prep

I have been immersed in preparing an online class on Ethical Decision Making. 

My in-person ethics workshop has been out there for years - one is scheduled for May 24 in Phoenix (shameless plug) - but since the online students will be deprived of my sparkling personality, extra effort must be given so the online class will sing.

The in-person class is risky since it is open enrollment. Ethics training is usually done on an in-house basis. That nudges everyone into the class and spares people who are interested the hassle of having to sign up on their own. [I have a vision of someone going to his or her supervisor and saying, "I think I need to go to a class on ethics."]

Anyway, I'm feeling good about this online program and will keep you posted when it is ready to be rolled out.

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