Saturday, June 11, 2016

Medicine Man

My wife throws out medicine if the expiration date has passed. I've tried to break her of the habit. Stories of grid and zombie attacks have not worked.  Even the heart-warming memory of how some of my close relatives used to retrieve the medicine bottles of family members who'd passed away didn't sway her nor did the discovery that my mother had a pill bottle that bore a single, handwritten, description: "Nerves."

I've been battling a minor infection and have felt like hell for a few days. [My dentist's theory is it all relates to a tooth problem. With the grace of a merciful God that will be remedied next week.] Anyway, I searched the medicine cabinet for some neutron bomb-caliber cough drops - the type favored by one-lunged fishermen - and learned that there is not a single mega-drop in the house. The only cough drops that are available are those red cherry-flavored suckers that are really a form of candy. 

The search did, however, pay off. Tucked in the back of a desk drawer was an old jar of Vicks Vapor Rub. I didn't even look for the expiration date.

Now I'm cooking.


Anonymous said...

Try Fisherman's Friend cough drops. You may not want to finish a whole one. Strong stuff, over the counter. Hope you feel better soon.

BTW, I found the original CEO story I previously posted in Peter Drucker's "The Effective Executive" on pages 59-60.


Michael Wade said...


I'll look for Fisherman's Friend.

Thanks also for the cite on the Drucker story.