Tuesday, June 07, 2016

"Moral Narcissism and the Least-Great Generation"

When something obtains that much popular acceptance, one is tempted to think it is nonsense, mere cant, or at least overstated. Not true. Christopher Lasch didn’t know the half of it. Narcissism has taken over our society to such an extent that we cannot see straight. It has disconnected us, or a great many of us, from reality, and is in the process of undermining what tiny bit of democracy we have left. Every even mildly unconventional thought has a “trigger warning” lest someone be offended. Narcissism is making us blind. It is the secret sauce destroying America from within. It is also the handmaiden of perpetual distraction, the misdirection that prevents us ever from solving anything.
Read all of Roger L. Simon's essay in Commentary.

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