Friday, June 10, 2016

The Unnoticed

  1. They didn't just hire an individual. They hired a new assortment of relationships within the team.
  2. Although they stressed the importance of being close to the customer, they forgot about being close to their internal customers.
  3. They tripped over a dysfunctional system while searching for an individual to blame, but they quickly dusted themselves off and continued their search for a culprit.
  4. The executive hated to use generalizations but loved to cite lots of examples. As a result, people were thoroughly confused.
  5. How could they still have questions? His presentation had over 50 PowerPoint slides!
  6. She was eager to get their ideas and they were eager for her orders. Each side thought the other was the source of gridlock and delay.
  7. The executive team vowed to hunker down until middle management stopped being so hardheaded and accepted the new policies..

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