Friday, September 23, 2016

Laugh Out Loud Authors

Let's say you are planning a trip and would like a book or two that will cause you to laugh out loud. A quiet smile would be nice but you want novels that are likely to produce a full laugh.

Which authors (and books) would be contenders?

You first. I'll add my choices later.


Anonymous said...

Classic - Catch-22

New book - How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, by Scott Adams


Michael Wade said...


I have that but haven't started reading it.

Will begin soon.

Thanks for the recommendation.


Crusty Old HR Manager said...

Anything by Bill Bryson. A Walk in the Woods is still my favorite and resulted in several concerned looks on a long-ago Southwest Airlines flight.

Michael Wade said...


I can still recall Katz and his Snickers bars.


Eclecticity said...

John Irving - A Prayer for Owen Meany

The Calvin Becker Trilogy by Frank Schaeffer. Thanks for asking! E.

Michael Wade said...


I have not read any of those. Thanks for recommending them.


Wally Bock said...

I love Bill Bryson, but I’m more likely to chuckle with him than laugh out loud. On the other hand, anything by Carl Hiaasen is guaranteed to make me laugh loud enough that people turn their heads.

Michael Wade said...



Carl Hiassen is one of my favorites. I think "Tourist Season," "Stormy Weather" and "Skin Tight" are hard to beat.


Michael Wade said...

P.S. Make that Hiaasen.