Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Silent

They didn't speak up because:

  • They had not had a chance to study the subject and so felt that their comments might be out of line.
  • They had studied the subject and liked the proposed action.
  • They had studied the subject and thought the proposed action was a mistake but they felt the timing was not right to surface their objections.
  • They thought the proposal was unwise but didn't think the matter was a battle worth fighting.
  • They thought the proposal was unwise but hoped to gain its proponents as allies on another project.
  • They thought the proposal would do no serious harm.
  • They thought that the points they would have made had already been made, possibly in a more eloquent manner.
  • They feared retaliation.
  • They feared that their reputation might be harmed.
  • They were willing to speak but they wanted to be called upon.
  • They simply didn't care.


Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on the debate, Michael?

Michael Wade said...


My reaction is based on having popped in and out to view it since I was working on a client project. Trump seemed to do well during the first half hour but then Clinton controlled the debate as Trump went down rabbit holes. Neither candidate had a knock-out punch. I'd say that overall Clinton won the debate but this is an odd year. I thought Trump lost every single one of the primary debates but he wound up getting the nomination.

In short, Trump should be happy he wasn't debating Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton should be happy she wasn't debating Newt Gingrich.