Friday, September 30, 2016

Pack the Pillow

Jed would have packed his pillow.

Note to self: The next time you go on an town-of-town trip, take along your pillow.

Let me indulge in a minor rant. I'm back from a business trip. Tired. Possibly cranky. Mainly tired. Despite all of the stuff I packed, I omitted the one item that would save me from the standard issue Marquis de Sade hotel pillows; those decorative behemoths that are about as comfortable as a watermelon. As I stared at the ceiling at two in the morning, self-recriminations abounded.

Why the reluctance to pack a pillow? Is there a hidden fear that subverted sensible packing? Did my ego worry that I would appear a tad Jed Clampettesque? Would the alert staff at the hotel front desk have taken one glance at my suitcase and say, "He has a pillow in there?"

So be it.

Next time, the pillow will be the first thing that gets packed.

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