Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Random Thoughts

A crisis can be a form of vacation. ~ One way to bring joy into the lives of others is to cancel a meeting. ~ Battles usually involve a lot of noise but some of the most deadly are silent. ~ Don't expect that the most important messages and rules in an organization will ever be spoken. ~ Not every mentor gives good advice. ~ Those who share similarities in their childhoods can form a powerful bond. ~ The young may watch the object while the old will study the person. ~ You can learn a great deal from a terrible teacher. ~  Be wary of anyone who thinks of the government as their family business. ~ The assertion that objectivity is impossible to attain is vigorously peddled by those who would rather sell a viewpoint. ~ Not all crafts produce a tangible product but they can foster and hone professionalism. ~ Even the best sailing vessels may have to pump out a lot of water. ~ A class on self-control could be more helpful to larger numbers than one on geometry. ~ Television has more empty calories than a snack bar. ~ Repressive regimes - and people - rarely apologize. ~ The doctrine of creating a favorable impression has sincere and insincere practitioners. ~ The best spellers are not too proud to consult a dictionary. ~ Some experiences need to be survived while others need to be mastered. It is important to know which is which.

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