Saturday, January 07, 2017

My Computer is Turning on Me

There is something particularly vicious about a computer that permits you to type most of a post and then arbitrarily deletes the entire thing.

Its sadism is compounded by the fact that this only happens with passages that are especially pleasing or important.

For example, I have just discovered the meaning of life and can describe it a


Kurt Harden said...

I lost an Essential Mix after I had typed 75 songs and linked references. My wife thought we had lost all of our money. . . Computers can be cruel.


Eclecticity said...

Google can be cruel too. Hundreds of sites on my blogroll vanished overnight. I'm slowly rebuilding back on my first blog but what a PITA. E.

tirane93 said...

ha! hahaha! snrk! which is funnier? your post or the comments?

Anonymous said...

I laughed. - Bobbo