Saturday, August 05, 2017

Good Questions

"And how do they know that?"
"Who did that study?"
"Is that knowledge or theory?"
"What's the counter-argument?"
"What if we don't do that?"
"What are the other options?"
"Can that be reversed?"
"Can you describe that in plain language?"
"How much will it cost?"
"Where do we get the money?"
"Who's in charge?"
"What can you tell me about that person?"
"Who else could manage that?"
"How will that proposal move us forward?"
"What is the absolute minimum?"
"How much would be too much?"
"What is the advantage of doing nothing?"
"Is the timing good?"
"Is time an ally or an adversary?"
"What are the deadlines?"
"How long would be too long?"
"Once that is done, where will we be?"
"Once that is done, what new things will we have to worry about?"
"What are the side benefits?"
"What are the side negatives?"
"How will this look to the average person?"
"If it doesn't work out, what will be the likely cause?"
"What do the lawyers say?"
"Who's making the predictions?"
"How have their past predictions turned out?"
"How will we know if we've succeeded?"
"If things don't work out, at which point do we bail?"
"What happens at each stage?"
"And then what?
"And then what?"
"And then what?

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