Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Desk Confession

Cute but way too small.

[Photo by at Unsplash]

I don't think I have ever had a desk I really liked.

Some came close. Several were okay. A few were terrible. My current desk is functional and the coldness of that word conveys its level of appeal.

The good news is all of these experiences have taught me a great deal about what I want - and don't want - in a desk. This is my current list:

  1. Wood. Real wood. I've had metal or faux-wooden and the feel is not the same. Glass might work if I were a clean desk person but I am (understatement alert) not. Besides, who ever fell in love with a glass desk? I am in search of a serious commitment, not a fling, and I don't want to glance down and see my feet.
  2. Large surface space. Give me an expanse - something Mussolini might build if he were a carpenter - with plenty of room to spread out documents and books.
  3. Mucho drawer space. None of the cutesy mobile cart stuff. I like all of the varied nooks of roll-top desks but the damned things are too small. Besides that, the nooks might as well be called, with a bow to Dorothy Parker, "What Fresh Hell is This?" spaces. I want places to hide things and not lose them.
  4. Style. This can easily be knocked out by function but it would be nice to have a desk with personality and preferably some charm. My old desks have had the charm of a clam.
If you know of a desk that meets all of the above, let me know. I am nearing the point of considering the use of doors. [I know I mentioned that several years ago but I chickened out.] Doors bring their own special problems and yet I may be reduced to that.

Desk lovers of the world, unite.


Daniel Richwine said...

I have never really gotten over my love for roll top desks. Computers have made them extinct but I always loves their look.

Michael Wade said...


I really like roll top desks. The larger, the better.

Their limited writing (computing) surface is the problem. There should be a version where the flat surface could be extended.