Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Advice for a Young Employee

Dress so well and so conservatively that your appearance is not an issue. You want your "look" to bolster your professional image and not distract people from noticing your competence. Do your homework but know what the required subjects are or else you may squander time on trivia. Focus on your current assignments without losing sight of where you want to be in the future. Take initiative and don't always wait to be asked. Do more than you have to. Learn to say no but don't let it be your default response. Do nothing that is untrustworthy and shun any tempting excuses that may lure you into dodgy behavior. Avoid anything that feels "cheap' in terms of ethics, grace, and style. Foster a reputation for reliability, effectiveness, and courtesy. Treat everyone with kindness but straighten up and draw a line if someone seeks to diminish or take advantage of you. Don't keep score on your good deeds. Let that be the chore of others. Never stop learning, not even for a day. Value your time and the time of others. Seek to avoid mistakes but recognize they are inevitable and always study how they can be avoided. If there is a dispute, be reasonable and take the high ground. If you blunder, admit it. Value your opinion but don't fall in love with it. Respect the dignity of everyone's job and the importance of each individual's role. And always, always, remember that you are working alongside human beings with their own dreams, fears, and challenges.

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