Monday, April 16, 2018

Investing Your Time: Examine the "Fit-Ins"

A woman holding a white cup while working on a laptop near a window

[Photo by Andrew Neel at Unsplash]

As you review your upcoming two weeks (remember that a one week review is not enough), look for the projects that you are squeezing in-between other projects; i.e., those projects that you work on only when it is convenient to do so.

Make that "intend to work on when it is convenient to do so."

The reason for this suggestion is it is not unusual to find that some of the famous "important but not urgent" projects are hidden there. You have every intention of eventually getting around to them but those good intentions become excuses for inaction. The beauty of designated time is that it is a commitment and not a wish.

Rescue those hidden but important projects by giving them some meaningful blocks of time on your calendar. That means they should get at least 30 minutes but preferably an hour or more. Find a spot (or spots) on your calendar where you are less likely to be disturbed and block out the time.

That will be a big step toward achievement in an area that may make far more difference than any of the other actions that have been hogging your schedule.

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