Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Dirty and Dangerous Streets of San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle: A tourism leader calls for a clean-up.

That is long overdue. It is truly sad what years of poor decisions have done to a once-charming city.


Eclecticity said...

We were there a few years ago for a few days and had a great time with no unpleasant experiences. But it is disturbing and I can't doubt it. They need to take a page out of how NYC handled it's revival. Politically both cities are liberal, so why can't they attempt to replicate some tactics and clean the place up and clean the place out. So many "smart" people there. They should put their minds to it and solve the fu*&'n problem. Perhaps political correctness is getting in the way. We should tolerate the people that shit on our streets.

S.F. is beloved to me, the home of my Alma Mater. I live 6 years of my life there. It's a shame. E.

Michael Wade said...


It is very sad. One of my favorite cities. I have many pleasant memories of San Francisco.

The city government has gone insane.