Monday, April 30, 2018


[Photo by Tom Roberts at Unsplash]

  • "Mary Roe educates John Doe on the subject of free trade."
  • "Cole Porter OWNS Peter Frampton."
  • "Uriah Heep devastates David Copperfield on immigration."
  • "Clark Gable SCHOOLS Vivian Leigh about waste."

I've noticed over the past few years that whenever a YouTube video or a blog or Twitter link has the above verbs in an adversarial context, the description rarely reflects reality.

After all, people can't just have a conversation or disagreement. One must win or, better yet, WIN.

Obviously this is done in part as click bait to attract true believers. What is worrisome is the thought that the author of such drivel truly believes the description. Another concern is there may be an underlying desire to erase the very possibility of reasonable disagreement

Simple proposal: Let's just talk and listen.

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