Friday, April 27, 2018

Questions From Workplaces

A person walking by a wall painting of a realistic hand with its index finger pointing down.

[Photo by frank mckenna at Unsplash]

  1. What?
  2. And then what?
  3. Did Edgemont decide to retire but just not leave?
  4. Is that character going to read aloud all of those damned PowerPoint slides?
  5. Why can't each day be as productive as the day before vacation?
  6. How on earth did Cosmo ever get promoted?
  7. If I leave the conference early do I have to return to the office?
  8. Where did Jacobs get that chocolate donut?
  9. Is this department a turkey farm?
  10. Does anyone know what that abbreviation means?
  11. When the techie finishes flogging us with jargon, would it be rude to request an English translation?
  12. Why does she get a plant in her office?
  13. And did you notice what wasn't mentioned?
  14. What do they say about me?
  15. Is Cragmont ill or has he been working out?
  16. Which intern is the boss's kid?
  17. Did they randomly pick this oral board at a bus station?
  18. Can you tell me how to retrieve an email that's just been sent?
  19. Is she dressed for a job interview?
  20. Will you please assure me that someone checked the numbers on page twenty of that report?
  21. Does anyone know our mission statement?

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