Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Normal Day

Bike sits against Amsterdam brick wall painting reads "Wake me up when I'm famous"

[Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse at Unsplash]

The task that was to take 15 minutes took more than three hours. The project that had a leisurely pace was suddenly accelerated. There were various emergencies and some minor roadblocks. Phone calls. Emails. An insurance question. A medical matter. A request from a friend. A committee dodged. A car in the shop. News of an upcoming and unexpected presentation to a board. A sudden meeting. Have I neglected someone? I'm certain I have. Oh yes, there is a call to be made but the time is not right. It can be done on Friday. [Beware of slipping too much to Friday.] I'm behind on my reading and some administrative items are nipping at my heels. I've been keeping up with my children via text messages and that's not a good practice. My wife's schedule is hellish. She goes to bed early, rises early, and then goes to work on another planet. My late night reading shifts between history, theology, and science fiction. The dog - sweetness dogified - has become very respectful and only interrupts when it's something important. I've been exercising more and losing weight but the most effective medicine is provided by doctors Bach, Copland, and Handel.

In other words, a normal day.

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