Friday, June 22, 2018


Althouse points to a horrific story about a New Jersey sixth grader who was the victim of bullying.

I have two memories related to bullying from when I was an elementary school student. One memory was seeing it on the playground at recess and looking around and not seeing a teacher in sight.

Another is much more pleasant, although it would get the school sued today. I was entering a breezeway on my way to the playground when I saw a kid holding another kid in a headlock. He was trying to bash the kid's head against the wall. The Assistant Principal walked up, grabbed the aggressor and flung him so hard across the breezeway that the kid splattered against the opposite wall. It was a cartoon vision brought to real life - splattered! - and I've long cherished it. He then dragged the kid off to the Principal's office so the real punishment could begin.

I always liked the Assistant Principal.

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